The beginning

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First post on this blog. I created this blog long ago with the intention to write about my travel experiences as I have been travelling to new places frequently. But somehow I was never motivated to write anything here. Mainly because I don't like to write travelogues. I find them quite boring. Even when I have to read one. Thus the idea was never so fascinating. I don't even know how many posts I will manage to write here.But yes, I have started this one.

I started travelling a little under two years ago. November, 2012 to be precise. Before that I didn't really get to explore many places. Parents visited many places when I was very young. I was born after eight years of their marriage. Thus I didn't really get to see many places with them. When I grew up, I lost interest in holidaying with parents. When I became independent, I was busy working and attending friends' weddings. I didn't really realise when time slipped by and I turned 30. One fine day I saw the world map and realised I would never ever be able to see everything. And I stood nowhere. Forget travelling abroad, I had never really been to neighbouring states too for a proper holiday in years. My last trip was to Kerala in 2009, and before that I hadn't really been anywhere except exploring places around Bombay.

In the past two years, I have visited a few places. Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir, Goa, Some places in South India, Gujarat etc. I plan to write about all the places that I have visited so far. Some of these trips have been with friends, some with families and some solo trips. When the destination is awesome, the company really doesn't matter. My last South India trip was with some good and some not so good people. Rajasthan and Punjab trips were solo ones. Kashmir trip was with the family. Rest of the trips were with friends.

I will start this blog with Kashmir trip. It will mostly be about the places I visited there, lots of amazing pictures, beautiful landscapes and people I met and travelled with. I hope I stay motivated enough to continue this blog. I won't be frequent here. The post will have more of pictures and less of prose (good for you). I don't get much time to maintain one blog. This is an added thing for me. But I will still try my best to be regular here.

Yeah, that's that.

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  1. Would be looking forward to your travelogues :)