Ride to Neemrana and Flying Fox Ziplining

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So I guess from now onwards the center point of all my rides will change as I have moved to Gurgaon in April 2015. Having spent close to 9 years of my life in Tamilnadu and since I started riding, the fun and the experience including the learning in terms of riding has been tremendous and I will thank Chennai for that. So now , I ride around Gurgaon.

I had to wait for good 14 days without my bike after reaching Gurgaon as the transport guys delayed it. I can’t explain how much I missed my bike and as soon as it arrived I took it to the parlour (read service station). And I was already looking for destinations to ride, places which are close enough for a short ‘settling down’ ride and I finalized Neemrana Fort Palace. I was also aware that this place is famour for the ziplining conducted by Flying Fox here, so this sounded fun and on Sunday April 19th I was ready to go for my first ride in Gurgaon.

(Click on the pics to enlarge)

I had my friend Aditya on his Duke 200 accompanying me but only for a short distance as he had to go back to Delhi for personal work. So we started at 7am from my home and reached McDonalds on NH-8 for breakfast which is a regular stop.

After that Mr. Aditya was on his way back and
I continued riding ahead. Neemrana Fort Palce-NFP is 95km from my place and I had checked the route on map which was quite a straight one. And I all knew was I had to take the U turn after the Neemrana tollgate. There are no sign boards on this highway which will guide you directly to NFP. However you have to take the U (right) turn when you see the Neemrana Industrial State signboard on your right. After that you have to keep going straight till you reach a right curve and then from there you have to take a right again. Then you will enter a village like area and again there are no sign boards for guiding hence keep asking the locals for directions. You can do all this to find the directions or use Google Maps :P

Mind you it was very hot on the day I was riding and obviously the best season to visit here is during winters or rains if you like.

Once you reach the fort, you already start getting the feel of the village right from the parking lot. There is space available for parking your bikes and car and there is no ticket for that. Here is the entrance :

As you walk inside after the reception

Now this NFP has been converted into a 5-star property where people come and enjoy their vacation. There is a Flying Fox guy sitting at the reception who will guide you. For ziplining you have to book in advance on the website and it costs Rs.1000/person. I had booked for 10am slot and I reached the fort at 9am. There were few others in this slot of 10 am. So we reached Flying Fox office inside the fort.

 After reading the safety instructions and signing their forms, he asked us to roam around. I clicked some pics.

So we were there at their office again at 10 am when they started gearing us up with the harness. Here I would like to tell you that they will provide you the GoPro footage of all the 5 zips which you will do and give it to you in a pen drive. You can also carry your DSLR (which I did) to the zip area. However you should leave your bag , jackets etc in their office itself. So after gearing up we started walking towards the first zip take off point. You are not allowed without shoes.

Here is a tough part. The distance to the first zip from the office is hardly a kilometer but it’s a TOUGH trek which is very tiring. Infact you will stop once or twice midway to take rest and drink water.

View while climbing up

Keeping it slow and steady we reached the first point.

There were two instructors with us. At the first zip point they explained the basics of the zips and the dos and donts along with allowing everyone to take a practical experience before actually doing the first zip. 

After the briefing session we were ready to go.Video of the first zip and believe me its was so much fun!

Awesome isn’t it?!

So after the first one you walk to the second point and like this they make you do a total of 5 zips. The good thing is that after the first zip you get the hang of it and are more confident for the second and the subsequent zips. I enjoyed it a lot and when the last zip was done you already wish that it continued for some more time.

Flying Fox staff and instructors were very humble and interactive. Thanks to Flying Fox for providing chance to taste a bit of adventure sports here.

The last zip will land you close to the office and you come back to collect your stuff and the pen drive of the GoPro footage (it’s optional).

I roamed around the fort for some more time clicking some pics.

Started ridin back at 12 and was at Gurgaon Huda Metro at 1am.

A hot one but with an amazing experience of adventure and fun , my first ride in Gurgaon was a good one. Summers are coming and I know it’s going to be more hot. Already looking for cooler places to ride to. If you have any suggestions do comment and thanks for reading this blog.

Ride Safe.

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